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Royeration Process

The Royeration Process, also known as shredding without screens, is a 4-step processing action.

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1. Material is fed from the Shredder-mixer hopper.

2. Churning action of the cleated belt rakes and aerates the load while feeding it forward to the sweep fence.

3. The adjustable sweep disperses only finely processed material while over-sized lumps continuously fall back for further processing.

4. Non-shreddable material and debris are automatically separated into a trash stream and discharged.

Organic material such as topsoil, compost, peat, sand and loan are quickly churned and aerated on the shredder belt. This includes higher moisture and clay content material. Thorough mixing and blending is accomplished by utilizing the Royeration Process (see above) while all unwanted debris is automatically removed by way of a side discharge conveyor.

Your final product is a light, finely processed top dressing suitable for resale or immediate use. Material sizing is easily controlled and changed with a hand operated fence gate. All processing takes place on site, eliminating costly trucking and related expenses.